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Since its initial inauguration, the Gosport War Memorial Hospital League of Friends has raised well over half a million pounds for the hospitalised and out-patient residents of Gosport and the local area.

Following a successful petition and ‘fight’ to prevent closure of the hospital in 1983, extension work was started in 1991 and the League launched an appeal to raise £300,000. This was successful and the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Departments were able to be facilitated with the most up-to-date equipment.

Since the 2nd stage of upgrading the hospital did not include restoring the frontage to its original glory,  the League launched a 2nd appeal and raised £70,000 to restore the frontage to a standard of which the people of Gosport can be proud of.

In 1997, the League financed the installation of automatic doors and, with a legacy from a grateful client, the reception area was able to be improved.

In 2002, the League celebrated its Golden Jubilee with the Jubilee Appeal raising £50,000 for the enlargement and upgrading of the popular café which is used by staff, patients, visitors and the general public.

Several specialist profile beds were also able to be provided.

More recently, the League has funded a wide range of clinical equipment including:

  • £82,000 for tube sanitation equipment in the Endoscopy Dept in 2015
  • £12,000 for ulcer treatment equipment in the Leg Clinic in 2019
  • £26,000 refurbishment of the café in 2018
  • £36,000 refurbishment of Blake Maternity Unit in 2021 & 2022

Full details of equipment purchased and other support provided to the patients and staff in the hospital are shown on our Report and Accounts Page.

About the Gosport War Memorial Hospital

The Gosport War Memorial Hospital was opened on 28th April 1923 as a permanent memorial to the men and women of Gosport, and the men of the Royal Marine Light Infantry who gave their lives in the First World War.

The Gosport Worker’s Hospital Management Fund, founded by Frank Chandler, Fred Dyer and Tom Fisher, played a major role in raising money to build and run the Hospital.

With the help of a large team of voluntary collectors, workers contributed 1d to 3d weekly. In 1936, it was said that 75% of the eligible population of Gosport were contributing.

In 1948, when the hospital became part of the NHS, it was not only paying its way but had an endowment fund of £50,000.

Gosport War Memorial Hospital