Reports and Accounts

Full details of the work of the League of Friends over the last four years can be found on the link to our annual report and accounts below.

As a summary, we have been able to support the hospital with the purchase of a range of clinical equipment including:

  • £6,495 Digital dementia reminiscence network
  • £1,995 Riser recliner chair
  • £1,896 Blood testing chair
  • £2,310 Exercise bike for the Physio Dept
  • £12,505 Leg ulcer treatment equipment
  • £3,054 Automatic blood pressure monitors
  • £3,616 Mobile ECG machines
  • £3,913 Baby jaundice meter
  • £2,150 Arterial pressure monitor
  • £5,919 2 x ECG machines and related equipment
  • £1,415 Plants and garden equipment

We have also spent £10,320 over the last four years on pastoral care items such as newspapers, slippers, TVs, fans, radio headsets etc to make the stay of patients more comfortable. We also make donations each year to ensure that all patients in the hospital on Christmas Day receive a present.

More recently, we were happy to help support patients and staff during these difficult Covid times and spent £6,235 on a range of items including reading lights, radios, iPads, use of a mobile phone together with regular deliveries of fresh fruit and pizza for the staff as a mark of our appreciation.

Finally, a sum of £130,000 has been set aside for a major project at the hospital which has been delayed due to Covid restrictions.

Annual Report & Accounts